Explore Our Cutting Styles and Sizing Guide

At CCN Sport, we understand that fit matters. That's why we offer three distinct cutting styles: Relaxed, Race, and Aero. The Race cut is tailored for serious racers with a slim physique, while the Aero cut provides an even tighter fit for a second-skin feel. For those seeking a more relaxed fit, our Relaxed cut is the perfect choice.

When it comes to jackets and vests, we recommend ordering a size up if you're between sizes, as they're typically worn over other garments. However, arm/knee/leg warmers and gloves typically fit true to size, so ordering the same size as your jersey is usually best.

Our accessories are available in a range of sizes from X-Small to X-Large, with the exception of hats and shoe covers, which are offered in one-size-fits-most. Rest assured, we're here to ensure you find the perfect fit for your cycling needs.