Team COOP Hitec-Products Shines Bright in Tour of Chongming Island Finale

Team COOP Hitec-Products Shines Bright in Tour of Chongming Island Finale

The grand finale of the Tour of Chongming Island unfolded with another thrilling flat stage, marked by fierce battles at the intermediate sprints and the grand sprint finale. Josie's tenacity awarded her a crucial bonus second in the intermediate sprint, a seemingly small victory but one that held immense significance in the final standings. 🥈💪

Tiril made a valiant attempt to break away from the peloton, showcasing her unwavering determination. However, the relentless peloton had their sights set on a bunch sprint, making her escape short-lived. As the day concluded, it was Chiara Consonni who emerged victorious, securing not only the stage win but also claiming the overall General Classification. Daria Pikulik and Marti Fidanza stood beside her on the podium, a testament to their incredible sprinting prowess. 🚀🏆

Team Results for Today:
- 14th: Georgia
- 16th: Tiril
- 21st: Josie
- 28th: Emma
- 45th: Lucie
- 48th: Mari

In the overall standings, Tiril showcased her strength and skill, clinching an impressive 13th place, while Josie secured the 14th spot and an outstanding third place in the Youth classification. Indeed, that single bonus second had proven to be a strategic move, influencing the final standings significantly! 🌈🏅

Collectively, Team COOP Hitec-Products garnered over 100 UCI points, a remarkable feat that highlights their exceptional teamwork and dedication. Well done, Team! 🙌💙

As the Tour of Chongming Island draws to a close, the team can reflect on a successful campaign, demonstrating their prowess and resilience on the international stage. Congratulations to all the riders for their incredible performances and achievements! 🌟🚴‍♀️

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