CCN Sport Sponsors Individuals and Teams for 2023

CCN Sport Sponsors Individuals and Teams for 2023

It’s a new year and new miles to race. CCN continues to go beyond the finish line as it supports these competitive and passionate teams and individuals. 

Here’s the final list of individuals and teams that CCN will be sponsoring this year:


National Team

Sweden National Cycling Team


UCI Team

Team Coop-Hitec 

X-Speed United

Tupungato CCN global cycling project

FEREI Mongolia Development Team

ECT Pro Cycling

DFT CCN Meshkin Shahr Continental Cycling Team

 Team Sapura Cycling

Mentorise Elite Team


Ferei CCN Metalac


Club Team

CCN Australia




Jonas Orset

Esra Kürkcü

Zsombor Deák


Come race with us and let’s go beyond the finish the line together! 

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