Delivery Time
If the product's delivery timeframe is not specified on the website, the delivery should occur within a maximum of 14 days from the date of purchase.

Right to Cancel
Customers have the right to cancel the contract within a 14-day period without the need to provide a reason. Any clauses imposing penalties on consumers for this reason are not valid. A cancellation form should be made available to the user to facilitate order cancellation, and refunds must be processed within 14 days.

Card Payment
In cases where a purchase or service has been improperly charged to a payment card, the cardholder is entitled to request immediate charge reversal.

When a purchased product or service is unavailable, and this possibility has been explicitly communicated to the buyer, the website owner may offer a replacement product or service with similar qualities, maintaining or enhancing quality without increasing the price.

Transparent Pricing
The final price of the product or service must be clearly indicated before the transaction is finalized.

Product Damages During Transit
The online store owner is responsible for any damage to the product during transportation until it reaches the user upon final delivery.

A minimum warranty period of three months is provided.