Olympic MTB Champion Jenny Rissveds Joins Team COOP-Hitec Products

Olympic MTB Champion Jenny Rissveds Joins Team COOP-Hitec Products

CCN Sport is thrilled to announce the exciting news that former Olympic MTB champion and current Swedish champion on the road, Jenny Rissveds, has signed a contract with Team COOP-Hitec Products. This partnership marks Jenny's foray into road cycling at the top World Tour level, while still maintaining her focus on MTB with UCI Team 31. With recent success in the stage race 'Gracia Orlova' alongside the Swedish national team, Jenny is eager to gain further experience on the road and is grateful for the opportunity to join Team COOP-Hitec Products. Let's warmly welcome Jenny to her new team!

Expanding Horizons:
Jenny Rissveds, a name synonymous with excellence in mountain biking, has decided to embark on a new challenge in her cycling career. While MTB remains her primary focus, the talented Swedish athlete is eager to explore the world of road cycling and test her skills on the top World Tour stage. Having demonstrated her capabilities by winning the prestigious 'Gracia Orlova' stage race in April alongside the Swedish national team, Jenny's decision to join Team COOP-Hitec Products is a testament to her ambition and thirst for further success.

A New Chapter Begins:
The opportunity to join Team COOP-Hitec Products is a significant milestone for Jenny Rissveds. The team, known for its commitment to nurturing talent and achieving outstanding results, provides an ideal environment for Jenny to further develop her road cycling prowess. With a strong support system and experienced teammates, she will have ample guidance and mentorship to navigate the challenges and demands of the road cycling discipline.

Jenny's Enthusiasm and Gratitude:
Expressing her excitement about the new venture, Jenny Rissveds stated, "I want to gain further experience on the road, and I am super grateful for the opportunity of joining Team COOP-Hitec Products." Her eagerness to expand her horizons and embrace new opportunities showcases her dedication and determination to excel in multiple cycling disciplines. Jenny's positive attitude and gratitude towards her new team are indicative of a promising partnership that holds great potential.

A Warm Welcome:
CCN Sport welcomes Jenny Rissveds with open arms, recognizing her remarkable achievements in mountain biking and the immense potential she brings to the team. The combination of Jenny's talent, determination, and the team's experience and support will undoubtedly create a dynamic and formidable force in road cycling.

Looking Ahead:
As Jenny Rissveds embarks on this new chapter of her cycling journey, the world eagerly awaits her performances on the road. Her fans, both in mountain biking and road cycling, will be eagerly cheering her on as she continues to push boundaries and chase her dreams. With Team COOP-Hitec Products by her side, Jenny's future holds immense promise, and we can't wait to witness the incredible feats she will accomplish in the years to come.

The signing of Jenny Rissveds by Team COOP-Hitec Products marks an exciting development in the world of cycling. Jenny's decision to explore road cycling at the top World Tour level alongside her existing MTB commitments showcases her versatility and determination. We extend a warm welcome to Jenny and wish her the very best as she embarks on this new chapter of her cycling career. Let's all look forward to witnessing the remarkable journey that lies ahead for this exceptional athlete.


Photo: Dalibor Válek

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