A custom design for your perfect fit

A custom design for your perfect fit

Be a perfect fit with our Club Short sleeve jersey and Pro Bib Short. 


Club Short Sleeve Jersey

A time-tested classic more than capable of providing you with countless hours of enjoyable rides for training, off-road, charity events or Bicycle Shop retail sales. It’s built using durable Trafo™ fabric on a traditional pattern and includes many features such as hidden zipper, three rear pockets with Reflex visibility and hidden 4th zipper pocket.


 - A relaxed fit for any beginner

 - Light-weight breathable, Trafo fast-wicking fabric

- Full length, separating YKK zipper

- Three rear pockets


Pro Bib Shorts

An improved bib short model with direct silicone grip to the inside of Lot™ Imprint fabric that dramatically improves the fit, function, and comfort of the short.


- A body-contouring fit designed to decrease aerodynamic drag

- A purposefully designed pocket to securely stow your race radio

- Men and Women version available


You can also tailor-fit the design based on your style and liking.


Visit custom collection here at ccnsport.com

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